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Episode 6

Headshot of Sharell Bryant

Undergoing a Performance Transformation with Sharell Bryant

Rarely do we get to start with a fresh slate when it comes to performance, more often, we have to figure out how to make a performance transformation after the fact. In this episode, Sharell Bryant talks about Teachers Pay Teachers journey to a performance-focused organization.

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Episode 5

Headshot of Matt Hobbs

Reaching the Entire UK with Matt Hobbs

Performance is always important, but that's especially true for anyone providing essential services over a wide range of connections and devices. In this episode, Matt Hobbs talks about the challenges of building sites that perform well for the entirety of the UK.

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Episode 4

Headshot of Karolina Szczur

Dealing with Third Parties with Karolina Szczur

You can do all the work to make your own code as fast as possible, but a few ill-performing third-party scripts can still bring your site to a crawl. In this episode, Karolina Szczur talks all about third-parties: how big of an issue they really how, how to identify which ones are the most problematic, and what you can do about it.

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Episode 3

Headshot of Katie Hempenius

Performance for the Long-Haul with Katie Hempenius

A lot of work falls under the umbrella of "web performance" and it's hard to know where to focus, both for quick wins and for long-term maintainability. In this episode, Katie Hempenius talks about everything from JavaScript and image weight, to third-party challenges, budgets and the importance of organizational support.

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Episode 2

Headshot of Reefath Rajali

From Hackathon to Foundational Performance with Reefath Rajali

Many people want their organization to prioritize performance, but where do you start? In this episode, Reefath Rajali—a mobile developer advocate at PayPal—talks about PayPal's performance journey, starting with a simple, lightweight prototype built during a hackathon. She discusses the hard work and challenges that went into getting organizational buy-in and the cultural changes necessary to make performance a foundational principle.

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Episode 1

Headshot of Malek Hakim

Scaling a Culture of Performance with Malek Hakim

How do you not only establish a culture of performance, but nurture it and scale it across a large organization? That's the question we try to answer in this week's discussion with Malek Hakim, a performance engineer at Priceline. We talk about what Priceline has been doing to cement a culture of performance across the organization, touching on everything from tooling and metrics, to education and experimentation.

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